Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Summer Internship | Final Update + My Exam Results

As some of you know, I'd been doing a series of posts about my experience of interning this summer, but as I've been on hiatus from blogging for some time now it's about time that I filled you guys in from where I left off. So the updates stopped right around the time that I found out that I was accepted for the job. So sit back, relax, and enjoy eight weeks summarized.

The first day reporting for work was nerve racking, I didn't know where to go, who to see, but I just walked in stated my business to the first person I saw and then everything was taken care of after that. I was placed to work in the accounting department - yeah! 

At first, it was hard getting used to the flow of things and the people. I kept making mistakes at first and I hated having to ask for help. Such was the torture of week one. That continued on until the middle of week two and by Friday of that week I was n cloud nine. Heck, slip ups would still happen here and there but I felt confident in the work and I was getting used to the people around me. At this point, the only thing I didn't like was having to wake up early in the morning during summer to get ready for the day - oh well.

In week three everything was flowing along smoothly; I was doing invoices, writing cheques and all that other accounting stuff. On Friday of that week the company hosted a barbecue for the staff, it was awkward for me being around those people in a social setting, sure I was just starting to warm up to them but I have this issue of taking forever to really be comfortable around new people so . . .

The barbecue though, was nice and through the minor panic attack I was able to have some fun. Week four consisted of a few holidays that resulted in me not having to go to work until Wednesday . . . or was it Thursday? Let's go with Wednesday, and with that I was able to enjoy some of summer. 

By this point I had already realised that that place, like some other businesses, had quite a bit of drama going around. I really don't understand why it always has to be the girls.

Week five was suppose to be my last week working there, but by that time I'd gotten really attached to the place and the people and I was encouraged to ask for an extension. So, I did and it was approved. Since I'd been planning to attend Sixth Form at the starting of the school year, I only extended my time by three weeks - which would end my stay right before school started.

Those last three weeks were a learning experience just as the others had been. Working there made me think about and realise a lot of things about myself and what I wanted to do. It really cleared my head when there I was thinking that I had everything figured out. Previously I'd been terrified of the idea of the day I'd have to say goodbye to school, I mean I've spent the last 11 years of my life there and then all of a sudden I have to go out into the real world. But, this helped me to see that it wasn't as bad as I'd been expecting, it may be an awkward transition but it's not so bad that it would kill you.

So if you, like I had been, are worried about that, don't be. You'll be fine. 

I made some friends during the experience, I see them around sometimes and I'm planning to go back there during the Christmas vacation.

Oh and also, I promised you guys that I share the results of my exams. For those of you who are not familiar with the way that the CXC or GCSE exams work a 1 is equivalent to an A, a 2 is equivalent to a B, a 3 is equivalent to a C and so on and so forth. So, quick reminder:


So my results are as follows:

Office Administration   =   1
Spanish   =   2
English A   =   1
English B (Literature)   =   1
Mathematics   =   2
Food and Nutrition   =   2
Information Technology   =   1
Clothing & Textiles   =   1
Human & Social Biology   =   1
Caribbean History   =   1

So in all that, seven 1s and three 2s.

I started sixth form four weeks ago and I'm studying Sociology, Art & Design, Management of Business (MOB) and Communication Studies. Hopefully after my two years I can fly off to Milan and study Fashion Design.

That's all for now everyone.

I'll see you in my next post.

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