Wednesday, 22 October 2014


For a long while I’ve been wanting to try out the EOS lip balms and recently-ish I got myself the Strawberry Sorbet version. Really I’ve had this since early August and I’ve just been conflicted about how I really feel about it. As you can see by the pictures – or maybe you can’t – the balm is halfway gone after 3 months. That’s a very long time for a balm to last, but then again I don’t use it every day.

My first impression after application numero uno was that the balm feels really nice going onto my lips. The indentation in the packaging makes removing the cap and applying the balm really easy. The packaging overall is smooth and I’m a fan of the spherical concept – really unique and stands out in the crowd.

After applying a few more times over a couple of days I noticed that my lips started to peel. My first thought was that my lips were just getting used to a more organic approach of moisturising and I kept using it to see if that was indeed the problem. After a while I began to wonder if the peeling was a result of my extremely cold air conditioned surroundings as during late summer I’d been on an internship. Eventually it did stop - when my internship had ended weeks later. I’d discussed this with a friend of mine who religiously EOS and she too had experienced the whole “EOS + A/C = Peeling Lips” scenario. So in the end my first few weeks of using the balm were invalid.

I continued using the balm after and my lips eventually went back to normal. But even in normal conditions I find that I have to constantly reapply as it doesn’t last long on my lips. The smell is amazing to have waft up your nose every time and I love that. But to have to apply again and again in such a short span of time is just not cutting out for me. I really wanted to like this product but I have to say that I don’t. This didn’t work as well as I expected and I know people who have had the same experience.

That’s it for today’s post and as always thank you guys so much for reading.

I’ll talk to you in my next post!

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