Monday, 13 October 2014

AW Style Wishlist

Goodbye SS, hello AW.

With Summer over it's expected to see some cooler weather about. Here in the tropics though, there's only that much cooler the weather can get. Autumn or not, the sun seems to have gotten hotter than it had been this Summer, as impossible as that may sound.

But as tropical storm Gonzalo passes through today, the sky is nothing but a cover of thick grey clouds and I can finally catch a break from the heat. I love cold weather and the rain, call me crazy but that's just how it is.

My AW style wishlist wont necessarily be appropriate for anywhere else but the the tropics and any other places that don't experience drastic temperature drops around this time of year. So, for those of you in the colder regions, I'm sorry if you can't relate. Here's my wishlist.
AW Style Wishlist

AW Style Wishlist by vanityroseofficial 

Floral Skirts
I don't know, I just have a thing for floral prints at the moment and I think that these skirts are great Autumn staples, whether your Autumns are a bit colder or not. I really like these skirts from H&M, Amazon and Debenhams. They're all very versatile, just dress them up with some heels and a top not or dress them down with some flats and a loose braid. I'd love to make these a part of my AW wardrobe.

I actually used to hate handbags a while back. I hated them because I'd always have to be holding them. I actually preferred toting around the bare essentials in my pockets - spoken like a true tomboy, not that I am one. But now they've really grown on me - a lot - and I really like these ones from Lane Crawford and Rebecca Minkoff - it's the floral print. What do you think?

I have a slight obsession with these things and I can never really pick just one when is comes to them. Hence, why I have multiple sunglasses in this wishlist. I've recently come to like aviators and these ones from Ray-Ban are quite tempting - polarized, yes please. These cat eye sunnies from Vince Camuto are a real looker, they're one of my favourite styles of sunglasses. And speaking of favourite sunglass styles, the round ones from Net-A-Porter seem like real keepers. See my dilemma?

Ankle Boots
I actually don't have any ankle boots at the moment and I've been wanting a pair for quite some time now. The ones from Charlotte Russe are definitely my style - love the laces.

I have a fascination with rose gold. It's such a subtle feminine colour and I especially like it on watches. I haven't been wearing any watches as of late and this watch from Michael Kors seems like just the piece to get me started again. Of course I know what time it is!

This is is for my AW Style Wishlist, but tune in for my AW Beauty Wishlist same time, same place next week. Another thing, I Van Rose now has a solid posting schedule. Posts go live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week.

Thank you truly for reading.

I'll talk to you in my next post.

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