Thursday, 5 February 2015

Why Am I New School? | Shannon Morton 2015

Hey guys, I've made a video for Parsons' The New School Competition for a shot at winning a full scholarship to study Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York. You guys watching this would help me so much in achieving this goal.

Thank you to those supportive of this goal.

Thank you guys!
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Monday, 17 November 2014

Fake M.A.C Lipstick

Don't these knock-offs annoy you?

Just recently I've come across a store selling fake M.A.C products and ever since I've joined beauty blogging community I've heard people complaining about these products, and I can see why. First off, if you're not M.A.C, then why claim to be. It's unethical, immoral, just plain out wrong to use someone else's hard earned status just to get your stuff out there. It would be so much better on the company's part to just create their own brand, create a name for themselves where they can build from and earn their own accolades. So many people fall into the trap of paying for something that they're not getting - especially on sites like eBay where all you can do is take the person's word for it.

The second thing, what the hell is up with the quality?

A least if they're claiming to be a high end product they should have a formula to match. This is a bright red lip colour and it goes on a bit sheer at first. The coverage is buildable and it's glossy. Once on your lips it goes on everything. I'm so serious when I tell you that the lipstick is so messy. It will not stay on, it's a light almost lip balmy formula.

Things like this are frustrating. Dupes are okay. They're the same shade usually offered at a lower price than the original, but when a company presents itself as another for profits, then there's a problem. I mean, if you're only making makeup only because of the money, then you're in this for all the wrong reasons. It's just like if a beauty guru made content just for the free stuff and cash.

Yes, I knowing bought a not-M.A.C M.A.C product - which is money better spent - but I felt like I needed to say something on this topic. Now . . . I'm not so sure what I'm going to do with this lipstick now that I've tested it out, but thank you guys for listening to reading my rant.

T'is all my lovelies.

I'll talk to you in my next post.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

University and What the future holds . . .

It's been a really long time since I've done a lifestyle post hasn't it. Well, today a friend and I were talking about what we wanted to do in life after we leave school. As some of you may know, I've just finished up high school and am now attending sixth form - basically community college. I only have so much time left before the real world kicks in and I actually have to put things into action. I do actually know what career I'll be going after for once I've left school, but I've found myself asking, 'If today was your last day of school, what would you do?'

It scares me that I have no answer for that question.

I know where I want to go but I don't know how I'll get there. Through the jumble of looking into different universities and stressing about how exactly I'm going to be able to pay my tuition is just a lot to deal with. Taking out a loan is the last thing I want to do. Being in debt before I've even hit 21 is just not an appealing thought. 

Do I work for a few years before I go?

Do I work while I'm there? But then how is that going to work out with me being an international student?

Do I try to get a scholarship? But what if it doesn't happen, what then?

All these questions just stress me out because I know where I want to go, but I don't know how to get there. I've been looking into universities since I was 14 years old and of the colleges that I've looked into Parson The New School (NYC) and Istituto Marangoni (Milan) for a course in Fashion Design stand out the most to me. I would think that a lot of these concerns would resonate with a lot of people who have been through similar situations.

I guess in the next few years we'll see what happens, but I just don't want to get in a situation where I'm just stuck.

Yes, this post has been way off from the usual. I wanted to share a bit more of myself with you guys away from the beauty and fashion posts and this is a topic that I've been thinking about a lot as the time comes closer to make a solid decision. But, as always, thank you for reading.

If you've attended university, what was the initial process like for you?

I'll talk to you guys in my next post!

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