Saturday, 31 May 2014

#60 Second Makeup Challenge - Up To It?

Hey everyone! If you were wondering how my exams are going, they are going really well so far. However on with le post!

I've always wanted to make up my own tag, something that would just be the bee's knees for people to participate in, and a couple of days ago I was on Polyvore and had the idea for this post 'The 60 Second Makeup Challenge'. It's simple really, all you have to do is respond to the prompt below:

'You're in an elevator with 60 seconds before the doors open and you walk into the biggest job interview of your life. What 60 second makeup look would you create to look stunning in the interview?'

That's a tough one. If I were to be honest, I would have failed at this if it had happened in real life because it took me a good long while to figure out what exactly it is that I'd even be doing.

My Answer
Okay, so basically a look that has to be killer and be done in such short an amount of time, to me, should have as little products in use as possible and they should be easy to use. The complete look that I'm doing for this is an overall neutral look with a red lip to add a shock factor. Okay . . . let's begin.

First, I'll start off with a Smashbox BB cream because, with a BB cream the application is super simple and it offers just the right amount of coverage, no brush needed, just rub it in with my hands and I'll be done just that much faster. Next, moving on to the eyes. Again for this I'll use no brush, I'll simply choose the fourth colour from the Naked Basics palette and apply it all over my lid. 

There's this thing that I do almost every morning when I do my brows. I don't use powder on them, I use mascara. I would recommend that if you're in a rush and you're eyebrows simply must be done that you try this method. I simply have a few swipes of the mascara on each brow and then it's over with. Simple tip though, never use black on you're eyebrows even if your hair is naturally black - use a dark brown one if anything.

I then flick some mascara onto my lashes and then that's it for my eyes.

The lips, the lips, the lips. Since for the majority of this look I've been leaning more towards neutral, I'll give the look a major pop of colour with the Sephora lip colour above. Even though I included a NARS concealer into the mix, I'd only use it if I felt I had enough time left in the 60 seconds to blend it all in, which I highly doubt. And, before the elevator doors open I'll wipe all the makeup off of my hands with some baby wipes and tah-dah.

Rules of the Tag:
  • Feel free to tag anyone to do this.
  • When writing this, please include the prompt, it adds to the whole effect
  • Feel free to use the first image in this blog post as it is the official image for this tag
  • When doing this, please state my blog, 'Vanity Rose Official', as the creator of this tag
  • And the MOST important rule, just have fun with it.
I'm sorry if this blog post seemed a bit rushed. I only had 60 seconds after all, and I may have gotten a little too into it.

I tag everyone and anyone to do this tag.

T'is all everyone.

Bye everyone and I'll talk to you in the next post.

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