Thursday, 10 July 2014

Summer Internship | Update #2

So guys, it's the day after the results and time for the big reveal. Did I get the job, didn't I? Well . . . let's just say that . . . 

I totally did! I start working on Monday and I'm kinda nervous about it. The job that I got-

Wait, did I ever explain to you guys that none of us knew where we were going to be placed, and if so, we had no idea what we'd be doing? Well . . . if I didn't then now you know. It's kinda weird but it's the truth. So, moving on, the job that I got is not far from where I live, so yay!

I spent the whole of this morning - and some of the afternoon - downtown with my mom setting up my social security and bank account. The process was surprisingly fun. I hate my social security photo though - but then again, don't we all :D. I got my first ATM card as well and I made a mental promise to myself not to blow all my cash on makeup. I finally have cards to put in my purse! That's strangely been like a dream for me ever since I was a kid. I'm just really excited to start my first job - even though it's only for the summer.
When summer's over though, I plan to go onto sixth form and work around my classes and if that goes to plan then I'll be giving you guys heads up about the new job and the experience as well. If you have any questions about this whole thing I'll be more than glad to answer them for you.

I guess I can start saving up for that trip to Italy now, huh? ;)

Hope that you've enjoyed this update.

T's all.

Bye, and I'll talk to you in the next post!

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