Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer Internship | Update #1

A little while back I told you guys that I'd applied for an internship for the summer. Well two weeks ago I had an interview and it went surprisingly well (thought I was going to be a wreck) it was really nice. I guess some of that is because I practised my answers to some common interview questions, which is something that I really recommend that everyone do so as to avoid long silences while you're trying to formulate an answer in your head. Even something as simple as "Tell me about yourself" can just throw you off so much, because of course you know you, but your mind just goes blank. Anyway, I'm going off track here.
So, I had an interview two weeks ago, it went really well and the last week there was this whole two day workshop on Monday and Tuesday where they had different people come in and give a lecture - of sorts - about important things to know when entering the world of work. I found what they said to be really helpful and eye opening - eye opening to the point where I think I'm going to definitely miss school life once it's all over. But thankfully I still have two years of sixth form ahead, so I wont have to go there yet. So at the end of the two day workshop they said that they's give all 60 of us a call this week.
I got my call this morning to come into their office tomorrow at 2 so I can pick up the letter that will tell me whether or not I got a job. So tomorrow I'll let you know exactly what happens.
Also at the end of the workshop we were all instructed to write about where we see ourselves in five-ten years and like the true procrastinator that I am, I haven't finished. I need to take that in with me tomorrow when I pick up the letter and so I'll get to working on that soon.
That's pretty much it for the update and of course if I do get a job then there'll be many more updates to come, but for now, t'is all.
Have you got yourself an internship lined up for this summer?

If so, what's the experience been like for you so far?

Bye everyone and I'll talk to you in the next post!
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