Thursday, 9 January 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Concept II Cosmetics Perfume and Body Lotion

Hello all, to get into the swing of things for my blog a have a little product review for you guys. I got these two Concept II products back in December as a little early Christmas present. I have to admit, before I got these I didn't even know that Concept II Cosmetics existed, but it's always nice to find new things right? I can definitely say that it's been nice finding it.


The perfume is in the scent Peach Velvet which is like a citrus-y, lightly floral scent. When I first smelt it, it was more like a body mist to me because of the lightness of it. When I was doing a bit of product research on their website,, they didn't have perfume listed as one of the products that they sold, but they do offer body mists in a variety of scents including Peach Velvet. So I'm thinking that it's either a mistake on the box that this product is categorised as a perfume or something. But regardless of that, I really like the smell of this. The colour of the perfume isn't in truth that dark, it's a light peach colour, the camera angle threw it off.

Body Lotion
The body lotion smells like floral toned baby powder. I really like the packaging for the body lotion and the perfume with the bits of gold - I'm a sucker for packaging. To be honest though, I've been using this lotion for a while now and it has done anything extra special for my skin, I would just classify this as just another body lotion and also I could not find this particular lotion anywhere on the Concept II Cosmetics site.

All in all, would I repurchase any of these? The body mist, sure, but as for the lotion, I'd give something else a try.
Bye everyone and I'll talk to you in the next post.


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